Business heroes working in SMEs: Creating the future together!
The B2B-Event on the 11. and 12. of September 2024 in Berlin

Welcome to the BIG BANG FESTIVAL - Germanys biggest B2B-Event for SME’s and entrepreneurship. Experience groundbreaking keynotes, live interviews on stage, passionate panel talks and targeted masterclasses on topics such as digitalisation, green tech, health, recruiting, mobility and finance with over 5,000 other attendees!  

On this two-day venture on the grounds of the Heeresbäckerei in Berlin-Kreuzberg you’ll be submerged in not only inspiration, information and networking, but also a generous amount of partying. Join the event and explore the future of business and medicine!  
Can’t wait to see you there,  

Your Jens de Buhr



BIG News


What to expect in Berlin

It all started with the BIG BANG HEALTH Festival 2022. Since then, the event has evolved and other topics have been added. But we remain true to our classic. And so we are celebrating BIG BANG HEALTH again this year. Be there when the future of medicine is written!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the mega-topics at this year's BIG BANG FESTIVAL. Top speakers and AI experts will talk about possible applications, opportunities, risks and how AI is changing the world.

Which investment strategies are hot right now? At BIG BANG FINANCE, you can find out all the insider tips and tricks from the world of finance. This is where experts from the investment sector come together to discuss the latest developments. 

From hydrogen and hybrids to all the latest developments in the field of e-mobility, BIG BANG MOBILITY will be discussing all the latest trends relating to the fastest four wheels. This is the ideal opportunity to make new contacts and find out about topics and trends from the industry. 

In 2023 it was the DUP UNTERNEHMER TAG, now it's called BIG BANG BUSINESS. It's all about entrepreneurship, management and leadership. Be there, be inspired and exchange ideas with the leading minds from business and science.

Mergers and acquisitions, or M&A for short, encompasses all types of company acquisitions, mergers and takeovers and is an important topic that almost all SMEs have to deal with at some point. At the BIG BANG FESTIVAL, leading M&A experts will provide new ideas, suggestions and inspiration for the M&A topics of the future.

Live on Stage

  • Federal Ministry of Economics

    Brigitte Zypries

    Federal Ministry of Economics

  • Karl Lauterbach

    Professor Dr. Karl Lauterbach

    German Federal Minister of Health

  • Jochen A. Werner

    Professor Dr. Jochen A. Werner

    Medical director of the medical department of the University of Essen

  • David Matusiewicz

    Professor Dr. David Matusiewicz

    Dean of the FOM University of Applied Sciences

  • Greogor Gysi

    Dr. Gregor Gysi

    Member of the Bundestag

  • Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff

    Professor Dr. Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff

    Chemist, virologist and manager

  • Wolfgang Kubiki

    Wolfgang Kubicki

    Vice President of the German Bundestag

  • Tijen Onaran

    Tijen Onaran

    Author and Entrepreneur

  • Dietrich Grönemeyer

    Professor Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer

    Medical doctor, entrepreneur, author

  • Martin Kind

    Martin Kind

    CEO, Kind Hearing-aids

  • Senior Director Public Sector, Microsoft

    Alexander Britz

    Senior Director Public Sector, Microsoft

  • Vera Knauer NEU

    Vera Knauer

    Strategy & Investments, Ortho Innovations

  • Christoph Vilanek

    Christoph Vilanek

    Chairman of the Board, Freenet AG

  • Andreas Lechner

    Andreas Lechner

    CEO of "Grüne Erde GmbH" (Green Earth Comp.)

  • Dieter Weisshaar

    Dieter Weisshaar

    CEO, myneva Group

  • Dan Wucherpfennig

    Dan Wucherpfennig

    COO, samedi GmbH

  • Marcel Loko

    Marcel Loko

    Executive Chairman, Hirschen Group

  • Founder, Face-Club

    Sören Bauer

    Founder, Face-Club

  • CEO & Co-Founder, ocumeda GmbH

    Dr. Benedikt Wiechers

    CEO & Co-Founder, ocumeda GmbH

  • Vorstandsvorsitzende, Deutsche Stiftung Mediation

    Nadine Greck

    Chairmember of the Board, German Foundation for Mediation

  • Christian Schwedler

    Christian Schwedler

    Location Development Strategy (R&D), BMW Group

  • Dagmar Schuller

    Prof. Dagmar Schuller

    CEO & Co-Founder of audEERING.

  • Stefan Mennerich

    Stefan Mennerich

    Director Media & Communications, FC Bayern Munich

  • Sven Göth

    Sven Göth

    Founder and CEO,

  • Stefan Götzen

    Stefan Götzen

    Financial Advisory, Deloitte GmbH

  • Jürgen Deller

    Jürgen Deller

    Professor for Business Psychology at the Institut for Management & Organisation, Leuphana University Lüneburg

  • Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications, Lufthansa Group

    Andreas Bartels

    Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications, Lufthansa Group

  • Dieter Weisshaar

    Dieter Weißhaar

    CEO, myneva Group

  • Bastian Bärenfänger

    Bastian Bärenfänger

    Founder of SIOMO

  • Inga Bergen

    Inga Bergen

    Digital-Health and Innovation Expert

  • Kira Marie Cremer

    Kira Marie Cremer

    Entrepreneur, Podcast Host and Author

  • Robert Müller von Vultejus

    Robert Müller von Vultejus

    Chief Growth Officer, SPORTFIVE

  • Tobias Lindner

    Tobias Lindner

    Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, Parliamentary Group Alliance 90/Die Grünen.

  • Jan Meyer

    Jan Meyer

    Managing Director and Lawyer of sterne-advo Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

  • Ingo Horak

    Ingo Horak

    CEO, Digital Health Entrepreneur

  • Christian Weissenberger

    PD Dr. med. Christian Weissenberger

    Head of the Radiation Research Centre in Freiburg

  • Steffen Zeise

    Steffen Zeise

    Chief Sales Director at the IDK German Industriebank AG

  • Nadine Nobile

    Nadine Nobile

    New Pay pioneer and founding member of the New Pay Collective

  • Anastasia Barner

    Anastasia Barner

    Founder FeMentor, Author & TEDx Speaker

  • matthias_mieves.png

    Matthias Mieves

    Spokesperson for e-Health for the SPD parliamentary group and full member of the Health Committee and the Committee on Digital Affairs in the German Bundestag

  • tobias_bindhammer_by_alexander_doerrer.png

    Tobias Bindhammer

    Senior Advisor & Coordinator of the AI Ambassador Program of RLVNT.AI


    Dr. Markus Schlobohm

    Founder of Dr. Markus Schlobohm Consulting

  • till_kaestner_by_moritz_attenberger.png

    Till A. Kästner

    Founder and CEO of TapGig

  • Lara Sophie Bathur

    Lara Sophie Bothur

    Voice for Innovation & Corporate Tech Influencer Deloitte Europe, Deloitte

  • Lunia Hara

    Lunia Hara

    Director Project Management diconium & Expert for empathetic leadership

  • Johannes Wimmer

    Dr. Johannes Wimmer

    Founder, Pflege ABC GmbH

  • Sebastian Hirsch

    Dr. Sebastian Hirsch


  • Sascha Pallenberg

    Sascha Pallenberg

    Chief Editor, Technology Evangelist & Digital Expert, MeTacheles

  • Carsten Witte

    Carsten Witte

    Psychooncologist, Patient Advocate

  • Daan Dohmen

    Prof. Dr. Ir. Daan A.J. Dohmen

    Founder, impact entrepreneur, investor and scientist, Luscii

  • Dr. Frederike

    Dr. Frederike Escher-Brecht

    Digital Product Development at BARMER/Member of the Board D21

  • Kai Herzberger

    Kai Herzberger

    Group Director DACH & EMEA | Commerce, Marketplaces & Disruptors / VCs., Meta

  • Kerstin Götz

    Kerstin Götz

    CEO, Troi GmbH

  • Yann Jeschke

    Yann Jeschke

    Director Group Corporate Brand & Communications, NETZSCH Group

  • Elke Kronewald

    Professor Dr. Elke Kronewald

    Chairwoman of the German Council for Public Relations, Professor of Communication Management and PR Evaluation at Kiel University of Applied Sciences

  • Pit Gottschalk

    Pit Gottschalk

    Sports journalist

  • Thomas Vinnen

    Thomas Vinnen

    Founder and managing partner of Nord Leasing GmbH

  • Dr. Martin Buchholz

    Dr. Martin Buchholz

    Specialist in surgery and orthopaedics and founder of the Herzretter initiative

  • Oliver Suchy

    Oliver Suchy

    Head of the Digital Working Reporting department at the DGB

  • Pfister

    Kasper Pfister

    Managin Director of the BeneVit Group

  • Sasha


    German Popstar, Entertainment




BIG BANG Festival is an in-person live event. This year it will not be possible to stream the festival virtually. 

Join us in Berlin-Kreuzberg on the Grounds of Spindler & Klatt in the Heeresbäckerei on the 11th and 12th of September. 


As soon as the final timetables have been confirmed all attendees with purchased tickets will be informed about the application process. 

If you want to upgrade from a standard- to a premium ticket, please contact us via Our Team will to their best to check the availibllity of our tickets and work towards finding a suitable solution. 

After the booking process is completed you will receive access to a digital E-Ticket. This ticket will be scanned when you first enter the festival grounds, this can be done digitally or using a printed version. You’ll then receive a name tag and festival bracelet to relieve your ticket. 


Please do not hesitate to contact our team via big if you have any remaining questions. Our team will do their best to get back to you ASAP. 

If you’re interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of this years BIG BANG FESTIVAL, contact us via We look forward to hearing from you!